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We all appreciate how transportation development made our lives so much easier compared to a few decades ago. We can now reach A to B in just a few hours of flight where days, weeks, or even months of travelling separated the traveler from the destination.

Unfortunately, this comfort is counteracted by the bitter taste that our travelling choice is implicitly carrying in the way that it impacts our planet. According to the International Air Transport Association(IATA), aviation contributes about 2% of the world’s carbon emissions. Just to make it into perspective, a flight from London to Rome emits approximately 0.23tonnes of CO2, and a flight from New York to Los Angeles emits approximately 0.63tonnes of CO2.

It sounds pretty daunting, and it is if you think that you actively made that particular choice and so in part you are responsible for it. But on the other hand, do you really want to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a flight… let’s suppose you are a student from Spain studying in New York, would you really do this (regular) journey by boat knowing that the flight you are supposed to take will take-off anyway and will land at its destination even before the boat leaves the harbor. Or would you really sacrifice that over-sea holiday?

At this point there are a few choices. You can either decide not to travel, but this would mean not being able to explore new countries, new cultures, meet new people, taste new foods, dive in new seas, hike new paths; or you can decide not to fly: London to Rome? Two days by bus. Hamburg to New York? 11 days on a boat. New York to Los Angeles? 4 days by train. While there are different case scenarios where not flying is a more convenient and sensible choice, flying remains the fastest and cheapest way to get to your destination.

We have a better option for you!

O2GO Travel helps you ...

to make a greener choice. That’s where O2GO steps in as it gives you the peace of mind that your choice will be part of a big project that aims to reduce the carbon footprint.


Well… simple, we will help to offset the CO2 emission of your journey planting trees. We do this with the help of our Partners.

We can all help the planet with simple, greener choices without necessarily sacrificing the comfort that modern technology has to offer nowadays. Our mission goes well beyond planting trees. Read more about The Bigger Picture.

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