The Bigger Picture

One tree at a time, together we do a lot more than just planting trees

Good for the Planet

Reforestation is reported to be an effective mitigation strategy to fight global warming. It cleans the air and filters water.

Good for Biodiversity

Trees provide a habitat to 80+% of global biodiversity.

Good for the People

We co-operate with local communities, schools and local groups located in extremely low-income areas. This is a mission to fight...


Trees are a well-known resource of food and they maximize food output in low-income countries whose population heavily relies on fruit and nuts trees to feed themseleves.


Reforestation programs require a huge workforce in order to plant, nourish, and safeguard trees. We do make sure that our partners follow a modern-slavery, cruelty-free model.


Our project endeavours to educate communities about the positive environmental impact of reforestation.

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