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6 DAYS Itinerary in Scotland

Scotland is one of the best destination. It offers authenticity, good food, great people and breath-taking landscapes. Here’s what you can do in 6 days.

Scotland looks small and feasible to visit in a short time but actually this country offers so much to see and do that whatever time you allocate to visit this country it will never be enough.

6 days itinerary will allow you to see pretty much the most iconic places that this magic land offers.

What do you need? Just few things: a car (or camper), a map and a lot of spirit of adventure!

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How can I reach Scotland and what sort of itinerary is it?

If you are English or live in the United Kingdom and you don’t mind driving for many hours, this option is the best and cheapest choices.

If you are outside the United Kingdom or you prefer traveling by plane, Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two best starting points. Both the airports have car rental or camper companies close to them.

Moreover, you can book all the hotels/ B&B on site so you are free to do whatever you want depending also on the weather.

To book the accommodations you can use O2GO Travel. It is a travel search engine that compare the best and cheapest flights and hotels. The profit made by this company will be invested into reforestation projects that will help to offset the CO2 emissions of our journey. You can find the website here:

This itinerary is doable in 6 days. You can start the loop from Glasgow but it can be done the other way round starting from Edinburgh instead.

Day 1 – Let’s begin the adventure


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What to visit: Kelvingrove park and the University of Glasgow

Dinner: Ashton Lane a really nice street full of characteristic restaurants and pubs with local beers. Innis & Gunn brewery, fresh beer and nice burgers and chips.

Accomodation: This city offers so many affordable accommodations, Travelodge Hotel is one of them, in the middle of the city, a really great position with a really good price (2 people, 1 night £33). Not free parking but the hotel has a discount with a 4 minutes’ walk car park (£9).

Day 2 – Diving into the nature

Loch Lomond

In almost one-hour drive from Glasgow you can find Loch Lomond, the largest lake in Scotland. Inveruglas view point is a really lovely place for a nice break. This place has a really stunning view from a wooden pyramid which is raised among the high trees close to the lake shore.

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Glen Coe

From Loch Lemond the landscapes become breathtaking driving through stunning valleys and amazing peaks such us the tree sisters and the ridge of Aonach Eagach. Along the way there are several points where you can observe the wonders of theses landscapes. Lagzangarbh Hut is a nice stop to do, it is the most photographed hut in the world and the reason is fairly understandable, the landscape is so peaceful.

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Fort William

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Driving forward last stop of the day, Fort William. This Village is quite a tiny fisherman village but the view is amazing even with a bit of fog. This place is perfect for a night rest.

Dinner: Scottish cuisine in The Tavern Restaurant, really highly recommended if you like Haggis and fresh salmon.

Accomodation: Here the prices of the accommodation go up a bit, the Black Sheep Bunkhouse (2 people, 1 night, £80) a really nice place with an amazing view in front of the sea and free parking.

Day 3 – Destination: Isle of Skye

Glenfinnan Viaduct

If you are a Harry Potter fan you might want to stop at the Glenfinnan Viaduct, where you can see the famous Hogwarts Express crossing over the viaduct. It is only a 30 minutes drive from Fort Williams and it is on the way to go to the Isle of Skye.

This stop has to be well planned according to the train timetable that you can find here, taking in consideration that there are different observation points. You can park close to the Glenfinnan station and hike uphill for 15 minutes to reach the point that you can see on the map below.

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Following the railway of the Jacobite Steam Train pass through amazing landscapes reaching the little harbor of Mallaig. It is a tiny fisherman village where we took the ferry and crossed the sea for the Isle of Skye. The distance between the two coasts is just a bit more than 30 minutes. The ferry ticket should be booked in advanced especially in the summer, the busiest time, you can find the website here.

This stop is handy just because of the ferry. However, if you running too early, passing across the Skye Bridge (further north) would be better as it is a time-saver and the landscapes more fascinating.

From Armadale to Portree

Once arrived to the Isle of Skye, Armadale harbour, the road toward the biggest village of the isle, Portree, is awesome. You will stop multiple time because of the amazing landscapes that the nature offered us. Portree is a really nice and colourful village and it is a perfect location where to be based to find out the beauty of this land.

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Dinner: highly recommend the takeaway Fish and Chips situated in the lower deck of the marina.

Accommodation: because it is really touristic, the prices in the Isle of Skye when it comes to accommodations are really high, Rooms High in the Street (2 people, 2 nights £160) is in the middle of Portree.

Day 4 – Isle of Skye

Trotternish Peninsula

This area is the most touristic area in all of the island and the reason is clear, the nature here is incredible.

First stop: Old Man of Storr. It is a stunning rock formation that runs along the sea, one of the most beautiful natural wonder that the island offers. To reach the peak of the mountain it takes about 2-3 hours walk. This location has been used for the movie Highlander. Here our guide Hiking the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye.

Old Man of Storr aka Kaer Morhen ;)
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Second stop, Kilt Rock, Mealt Falls, it is a waterfall that ends into the sea from a high cliff which reminds a kilt shape.

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Lastly for this amazing area: Fairy Glenn. This is a magical place near the village Uig. Crazy to believe but the scenery looks like enchanted green hills.

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Neist Point Lighthouse

In the late afternoon move in the west side of the island. After almost 1 hour and a half driving in the middle of nowhere with surreal and deserted landscapes, Neist Point Lighthouse will be in front of you.

Lighthouse View
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Day 5 – Northbound

Eilean Donan Castle

Having left Skye in the morning the first stop after having crossed the Skye bridge is the fantastic Eilean Donan Castle, a little island in the middle of the lake. A really picturesque scenery impossible not to take some pictures here.

stone wall with tower beside mountain
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Loch Ness

Driving East you come across the legendary loch (loch means lake). A little stop in Drumnadrochit and its castle.

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Lastly, the final stop of the day, the cultural capital of the highlands: Inverness.  A late walk alongside the River Ness was so peaceful and so nice to see the castle rise from the hill.

Bridge over the River Ness - Scotland
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Dinner: many pubs and restaurants are in the main street of the town and there is a great selection of local cuisine that you can choose from.

Accomodation: really nice guests house called Ardentorre (2 people, 1 night, £38) close to town center.

Day 6 – From the north to the sound-east of Scotland

Driving toward Edinburgh takes about 3 – 4 hours passing through the Cairngorms National Park where you can find the famous Highlands cow.

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Along the road there are different stops you can do.

Perth a really lovely city where I ate the best Cream Tea (tea, scone, jam and cream) in George St. Tea Room;

Falkirk Wheel, close to the Falkirk city, for the engineering lovers, there is this unbelievable giant rotating hydraulic elevator which connects two canals on two different levels for the boats;

South Queensferry situated in the suburbs of Edinburgh this little characteristic neighborhood offers a nice view on the particular architecture of The Forth Bridge.

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Edinburgh is the last stop of the day and you will arrive in the late afternoon just in time for a walk through the Prices Street Gardens and the old town. Here our guide about Edinburgh!

Calton Hill, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Dinner: toast to Scotland in the pubs situated in the Grass market and have dinner in the Howies Restaurant with traditional Scottish dishes, really highly recommended.

Accommodation: the Leonardo Royal hotel (2 people, 1 night, £46) has been a great accommodation, just a few minutes’ walk from the Grass Market in the old town.