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8 Places to visit in Kefalonia (Greece) in 6 days

Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful pearls of the Ionian Sea in Greece.
Find out all you need to know to visit Kefalonia in this article.

Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful pearls of the Ionian Sea in Greece.

Visiting this island is an amazing adventure as it offers stunning beaches, picturesque villages, amazing landscapes and breath-taking natural caves that will blow your mind.

When to visit it?

June is the one of the best period, the island is not so overcrowded with tourists and the sunny weather help to explore this amazing land without any problems. However, the period between May and October is the best during the year.

How to visit it?

If you want to travel independently, it is recommended to explore the island by renting a car/motorbike in one of those car rental company close to the airport.

The island is big and there are thousands of beautiful places to find out, which most of the time they are impossible to reach by public transport.

Otherwise, a tour operator could be the best option for you.

So, let’s go and explore the biggest island amongst all of the Ionian Island with these 8 beautiful places you can go to.


Argostoli is the Capital of Kefalonia, situated in the south-west of the island in front of the nice Koutavos lagune and surrounded by hills and Mediterranean maquis. It represents the main center of life in the island where you can find shops, Greek restaurants, night life, the harbor and cultural attractions such as musea and churches.

Melissani Lake

This is a unique experience, a must for nature lovers. This underground lake is situated close to Sami on the east coast of the island.

Photo by Branko Besevic on Unsplash

This incredible place looks like a 60m pool, 40m wide and 39m deep, it is possible to visit it inside with small rowboats (It is not possible to swim inside it). Your Instagram will love it!

The water is a mix of freshwater and sea water witch with the rays of the sun create an enchanting show of colours.

It is really recommend to have a waterproof action camera so you will be able to see this amazing scenery also from under water.

You can find more information about this place here.

Antisamos Beach

This beach is entirely immersed inside the nature, the sea is so clean and blue and it offers really good services such as water sports. There are restaurants situated near the shore and they give their sun beds and umbrellas for you to use for free. Waiters will also provide sun bed services so that you can order your food and drink from the comfort of your sun bed.

Pebble beach in Greece
Antisamos Beach, photo by Evan Verni / Unsplash

Myrtos Beach

Ranked like one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, Myrtos Beach is a mandatory stop during your holiday in Kefalonia.  The white beach and the shades of blue of the sea create something magical that you have never seen before.

aerial photo of shore
Photo by Branko Besevic on Unsplash

The beach offers services like sunbeds, sun umbrellas, bars and sport services like paragliding.

It is possible to admire this beautiful landscape from the view point situated in the main road toward the little village Assos.

Assos Village

This tiny picturesque village is situated in the north-west side of the island. The scenery gradually shows itself in all its beauty as you start your descent downwards from the main road that takes you all the way down to the sea level.

Asos, Cephalonia or Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece. Original file here (link to Dropbox):
Asos from the main road, photo by Victor Malyushev / Unsplash

The atmosphere is something unspeakable because the view with its little harbor and castle looks like a painting.


Fiskardo is the most touristic village in the island because of its colorful Venetian architecture and its fishing traditions.

It is situated in the northern side from where it is possible to see and go to Ithaca, the Odyssean Island.

Photo by Oana N on Unsplash

This is a special place because a lot of the buildings on the island were destroyed during the earthquake in 1953 but luckily Fiskardo was spared from the earthquake damage.

If you are looking for a quiet place maybe it is not for you, but It definitely deserves a visit even just for a few hours.

Saint Theodore Lighthouse

One of the attractions close to the capital of the island Argostoli is the lighthouse of Saint Theodore situated on the man-mad peninsula. It is a 8m tall circular architecture with 20 columns which was destroyed after the earthquake in 1953 and it was rebuilt in seven years. It offers a light guide for the ships but also a romantic spot between the sea and island where to take amazing pictures.

person wearing black flip-flop close-up photography
Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Moreover, close to the lighthouse there are tiny beaches where it is possible to swim and sunbathe undisturbed.

Boat day, Fteri Beach, Kamari Beach

One of the best experiences we had in Kefalonia was the day on the boat around the coast between Zola and Fteri Beach. You can rent the boat in Zola and explore the sea coast of this area (picture attached) all day long.

Fteri and Kamari beach are accessible just by sea but don’t worry, there is a taxi boat service to be able to visit the stunning Fteri beach also without renting a boat.

These beaches are real hidden pearls where there are very few people so you can appreciate more the nature, with its beautiful colors, its smells and its sounds.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s book your flight and hotel, you will not disappointed!