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Genoa Traditional food

Every city in Italy has its own culinary tradition, and Genoa is no exception to that. Find out the typical cuisine and products that Genoa has to offer.

If you are visiting Genoa and you are going for the usual Italian mainstream pasta carbonara, traditional lasagna, pizza and spaghetti Bolognese, let us tell you… what you are missing out.

As for any other place in the world, Genoa has its own characteristic dishes that make this city of the most famous places in Italy which is worth visiting. Here our 10 things to do and see in Genoa, Italy guide.

So, let’s make you hungry!


Spoiler alert, Genoa is the motherland of green pesto.

Its origin is from a village called Pra’ (pesto of Pra’) , west of Genoa. You can use the sauce in different ways but the traditional one is with pasta like trofie, gnocchi and lasagna. A real tasty experience!

You can find it in all the restaurant menus around the city.

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The Focaccia is a must! You can eat it at any time of the day. Once you taste it will definitely be one of the foods you will crave for.

Amazing with your coffee and latte in the morning!

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You can taste of the best Focaccia in Liguria in one of the suburbs of Genova, a village called Voltri. Priano Bakery and the Marinetta Bakery are definitely the way to go.

If you are looking for something more around the city center I really suggest Focaccia e Dintorni Bakery.

Vegetable Pie

The torta Pasqualina is a vegetable pie with swiss chard, artichoke, zucchini, cheese and eggs. The taste is amazing!


Farinata is made with oil and chickpea flour. Crunchy outside and soft inside. Really popular during the cold seasons. I can recommend U Vexima in Genova Voltri and Santa Zita in Genoa center.


The Cima is another traditional dish made with veal stakes rolled in a filling made with eggs, peas, nuts, cheese and herbs served as thin slices. This is a really popular dish.

Pansoti with nuts sauce

Pansoti with nuts sauce is a kind of stuffed pasta with cream and nuts sauce. The nuts sauce nothing is but a creamy and thick sauce made with mild and ground nuts.


The Stoccafisso is cod fish served with nuts, Taggiasche olives and potatoes.


Trippa has split opinions. You either love it or you hate it! It is a mix of different part of bovine’s stomach. In my opinion it is really good with potatoes, tomatoes sauce and olives.

Focaccia al Formaggio

Focaccia al formaggio (Focaccia with cheese), it is a traditional dish from a cute village close to Genoa called Recco. This is really GOOOOOOD! You must try it!


The most popular are from Crevari, west Genoa. Main dish of the really famouse Crevari Invade Festival which takes place every year in June. Focacette is fried focaccia made with popatoes and flour. It is so good with pesto or with stracchino cheese and ham.

Fresh Fish

Last but not least the different kind of fresh fish that the local Fishermans fish in the morning.

A fried fish cone is a must-buy in Boccadasse or in the ancient fryer shops in the town center.

Now, wipe your drooly mouth and go to visit this beautiful city!