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TOP 3 – BEST BURGER fast food in New York City

New York City is the motherland of comfort food, and burgers are the perfect example. Find out what the top 3 best burger fast foods are in New York City

Let’s talk about food! More specifically let’s talk about American food. Food is an integral part of a culture, and it truly says a lot about the place you are visiting.

The United States has been the home of one of the most revolutionary culinary culture of all times: fast food. They say that food is the mirror of the culture of the place you are visiting, and American fast food is no exception to it: fast, high volume, creative, wild, generous, overwhelming and fulfilling.

The hamburgers are of course an American classic. It is that kind of dish that you crave and you are never tired of. The Big Apple offers thousands of different options around the city where you can taste these extraordinary meals, from tiny neighbourhood bistros to popular chain restaurants.

The latter is the kind of food option you will probably go for if you are on a budget holiday but still want to have an authentic experience. As you know New York City has a reputation for being one of the most expensive destinations in the world. Don’t worry! Dining out in NYC is still possible with less than $20!

So, here the list of three burger fast food in New York City.

Spoiler alert, McDonald won’t be in this list.

So, let’s get started :

Shake Shack

white and brown UNKs restaurant
Photo by Subhaan Saleem on Unsplash

Shake Shack is an institution in New York City founded in Madison Square Park in 2001. Nowadays you can find their restaurants everywhere through the city even inside the Central station ground floor.

The patty is made with all-natural Angus beef so you are able to taste the quality of the meet. It is a fast food but the interiors and the design are inspired by a gourmet restaurant.

Orders: SmokeShack with cheese and smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, ShackSauce, and the simple ShackBurger with cheese, lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. And of course, you cannot miss the fantastic fries, a must! Prize: from $5

Shake Shack is also well known for the long queues so be patient, it will be worth it!

Give a look here for the nearest restaurant: https://www.shakeshack.com/locations/

Five Guys

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Photo by DENCHIK on Unsplash

5 Guys is two-time best burger winner according to Harris Poll’s survey of American consumers. Founded in Arlington, VA in 1986, nowadays is expanded all around the world. They are well known for the fresh beef, the peanut oil and the hand-cut fresh potato fries. I have to be honest with you I ate it here in UK and the flavor is completely different comparing to the American one. The hamburgers look juicier and tastier in America even though the concept of the restaurant is completely the same. Top order is Bacon burger with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms (I know a bit too much) and the Five guys style fries, a classic. You will be shock about the size of the bottomless soft-drink glass (which is approximately 2 litters), 3 people drank out of that glass! Prize: from $8


red and white concrete building during nighttime
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Last but not least, Wendy’s: founded in Ohio in 1969 well known for the square beef patties made with fresh and never-frozen beef. There is a good reason about the square burger, the customers can easily see the juiciness and the freshness of the meat. This patty had one of the best burger flavours of the lot!

Dave’s Double: fresh beef, American cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mayo and onion on a toasted bun. Just one word: AMAZING! Prize: from $5 is the best prize you can find comparing quality and quantity.

If you are a Wendy’s fan, no worries the US based fast food is planning to land its business also in UK around the early 2021.

Overall, 5 Guys is the most expensive and maybe the most well-known around the globe so Wendy’s and Shake Shake are really recommended to try first.