What to eat in Scotland: number 3 will shock you!

Among other things, Sotland can certainly offer a unique and authentic culinary experience. Find out what to eat in Scotland in this article.

Traveling is not only about discovering new places, meeting new people, instagramming new horizons. Traveling is mostly about diving in and understanding a different culture than yours. There are different ways to do it: i.e. going to museum, reading travel guides, hire a guide; but out and above all these taste the local cuisine is one of the best ways!

Believe it or not, food is strictly related to the culture of a place! And whilst you might pride yourself to have the best cuisine in the world (whether you are Mediterranean or Asian), there are a plethora of reasons to support the fact that you MUST get out of your culinary comfort zone and dare to try the local cuisine of your destination, even though the sight and smell of it is not really appealing.

Traveling to Scotland is no exception to it. Its unique cuisine will make your whole experience unforgettable and will make you want to go back as soon as you get the chance to.

Scottish cuisine is truly a sensory overwhelm and it could be defined with just one word: Paradoxical. This is the perfect example where poor and simple ingredients are perfectly combined and balanced together to create a rich dish. Scottish culinary experience is a crescendo: you read the menu and realise that dishes are made with very simple (or simply unusual) ingredients and you are not even that impressed (apart from when you read the ingredients of the Haggis); you then see the dish in front of you and you’ll start to change your mind; even more so when you smell it, and when you finally have the first bite you will be overwhelmed by that explosion of flavours in your mouth and also different consistencies.

Here a list of the 8 things you should try if you are traveling across Scotland.

1. Scottish Salmon

fish with onions and asparagus
Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

Scotland is really famous for its fresh salmon due to its strategic position in the Atlantic.

For this reason, you can find it in every restaurant and it can be cooked in different kind of ways, such as steamed or baked with vegetables on the side. It is really delicious.

2. Scotch Pie

Also well-known with the name Mutton Pie, it is a pie made with crunchy pastry and filled with minced mutton or other kinds of meat. It can be served warm or cold and it is perfect for a fast lunch or dinner.

Ideal for people who want a fast snack to eat while walking.

3. Haggis

This is a typical traditional Scottish dish, although no area of Scotland is proven to be the true mother land of this delicacy. For this reason, there are different stories about its origin but the most particular describes the Haggis as a small Scottish animal with one set of legs longer than the other so that it can walk on the steep Scottish Highlands without falling.

The dish is composed of sheep’s pluck (liver, heart and lungs) steamed inside the sheep’s stomach and seasoned with different herbs. For many people this description is not really appealing. However, you will be blown away and amazed by its delicate taste and interesting texture. It is usually served with neaps and tatties, a kind of mash potato and turnips. There is also the fried version and the it was quite particular.

4. A Full Scottish

This is a massive breakfast, quite similar to the English one, but with the addition of Black pudding, lorne sausage and tattie scones. Sometimes you can find also haggis. This is a really massive dish which will sustain you for all day.

5. Fish and Chips

fried chicken with fries and sauce
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Scotland offers a lot of varieties of fresh fish and for this reason it is a ‘must’ to try the Scottish Fish and Chips especially if you are in a little fisherman village.

The perfect fish and chips have to be crispy, dry, loose and juicy. It has always been the symbol of the working class. Till the 80s it used to be served with sheets of newspapers and today replaced with kitchen paper decorated with typical newspaper lettering.

6. Angus Steak

Scotland is not just about fish but also about good meat, especially the Angus one! It is really good and so soft, cooked in different ways. It is also served inside the steak pie, pretty similar to the scotch pie but with Angus steak.

7. Shortbread

Traditional Scottish desert made with 2 mains ingredients: sugar and butter. You can find them everywhere especially in the souvenir shops. There are many kinds of flavors such as shortbread with salted caramel. These delicious deserts are really popular during the tea time.

8. Scones

brown bread with white cream on top
Photo by Alexandra Kusper on Unsplash

Really popular to eat during the afternoon tea, the scones have Scottish origins. The name for some comes from the Gaelic word “Sgoonn” which means “Bump” or “big mouthful”. Apparently, the story about it taking its name from the Scottish city ‘Scone’ is not true.

They are not really sweet but they are served with clotted cream and jam to be spread in the middle. A Must!

Bonus: Whisky

The Glenesk Hotel's Malt Bar
Photo by Adam Wilson / Unsplash

Scotland and Irland are well known for the production of whisky and both of them call themselves as the inventor of this alcoholic drink. However, the Gaelic Vikings were the real inventors. The name Whisky comes from the Gaelic word “uisge beatha” which means “The water of life”.

In Scotland there are over 120 distilleries and different kinds of flavors and textures. Pretty popular are the Whisky distilleries tour around the country, here where to book them.