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How to pack efficiently, latest guide!

Make the most out of your trip by packing efficiently with these simple tricks!

Who didn’t use to chuck the whole wardrobe and gadget gear in the luggage, going through every single item and be like “I will definitely use this shirt”, “I need one towel for every shower I’ll take”, “I’ll take a sauce pan as well just in case I get peckish in the evening”. But over the years, and after hundreds of flights and destinations you have realised that you were systematically regretting your compulsive and irrational packing method since you were using only the 10% of the stuff you packed, especially when you did not have any available space to put your souvenirs, having to pay extra money for the weight in excess. That was not fun.

Deciding what to put in your luggage to visit New York City can be a little bit challenging for many reasons: variable weather, activity diversity, lots of walking, etc. You have been through that phase, sitting down at the table brainstorming what is necessary to take with you and what not, and you wished there was something like this guide to help you out with that.

This latest guide is particularly useful for those of you who are traveling as a backpacker, or with a simple carry-on trolley, or you simply want to travel light and take in what is truly necessary for this trip, without using that extra space that you could fill in with some souvenirs or local shopping.

So, here’s a list of things of items you should consider taking with you when visiting New York City.


Remember, it is going to be a long journey, and there is going to be a great deal of walking involved. So, COMFORT is the word you are looking for.

Don’t overload your luggage with clothes. Bear in mind, you can always wash them in your hotel/hostel. The fewer, the better. Always check the weather in advance to see if you should carry more sweaters or t-shirts.

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Whenever you go out (especially if you are traveling in spring/summer/autumn), make sure you are layered up. You will be amazed on how quickly the weather can change, you might want to instantly de-layer yourself in the hot sun, and likewise you want to layer up in could days/early mornings/evenings.

Take two different pairs of trainers in your luggage (just in case one of them gets soaked up should it rain and should you step into a puddle).

Rain Coat

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It is very possible that you will find rainy days. It happens! It might be a good idea to take a raincoat that covers you top to bottom, large enough to cover your backpack too.

Raincoats could be better than the umbrellas because you have your hands disengaged when visiting around, as you could be always busy checking the map, taking pictures, or just keep them warm in your pockets.

Thermal Bottle

It is a good idea to take in your suitcase or backpack a thermal water bottle with you. The metal bottle is by far the most useful thing you can have as it is so versatile, money saving and more sustainable.

You can use it to re-fill it with water for free, without having to buy a water bottle in the shops.

Also, you can sip your favourite tea or coffee throughout the day by filling it with hot water (for example at your accommodation – they usually put a kettle in the room).

Just make sure it is fluid-free during the security checks at the airport – they may throw it away if they find it filled up.


You must have the right plug adapter! USA, as any other country, has different plug attachments.

If you don’t have one already, make sure to buy a universal travel adapter. It is an investment worth making so you will have your phone and pc fully charged whenever you go abroad. They are relatively cheap and so damn useful.

Another must-have, not only for travelling, but also in everyday life, it is with no doubt the power bank.

It can be life saving if you are up and about and you need to charge your phone.

Make sure to purchase one that is within safety airplane limits in terms of battery size, which has to be no greater than 27,000mAh.


When traveling abroad, you will be exposed to different weather conditions, different cuisine, different hygiene habits. As a result your body might react in many different, unpredictable ways that might interfere with and compromise the enjoyment of your holiday.

It may be a good idea to take some over the counter medications with you (pain killers, anti-inflammatories, anti-diarrhoea, anti-sickness, anti-constipation, anti-histamine, probiotics).