O2GO Travel Terms of Use

Last updated: June 2022

Definitions and Interpretations as the context requires:

O2GO Travel – Refers to the company. Therein “company”, “us”, “we”, “our”,” website”, “site”;

You – Refers to you, the user of Our Website and related services and/or products. Therein “you”, “your”, “user”, “client”, “passenger”, “traveler”, “tourist”, “costumer’;

Terms – Refers to these terms and conditions. Therein “terms and conditions”, “Ts&Cs”, “T&C”, “conditions”, “conditions of use”, “service conditions”, “service terms”;

Services/Products – Refers to the services/products offered by the company (flight and hotel price comparison) and other travel related services/products. Therein “travel services”, “travel products”, “our services”, “our products”;

Platforms – Refers to the group of technologies and devices through which O2GO Travel can be accessed. These include but are not limited to websites, mobile and tablet apps and other platforms. Therein “platforms’, “devices”, “website”;

Travel Provider – Refers to a third party private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services. Travel Providers are responsible for the Travel Services and/or Travel Products. Therein “vendor”, “seller”;

Please make sure to carefully read these terms and conditions before accessing, using or obtaining any material, information, products or services. If you use O2GO Travel on any Platform, you signify that you agree with these Terms as well as our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Community Guidelines, and that you are bound by them.

O2GO Travel Ltd is a limited company registered in England & Wales (No. No. 14076131). O2GO Travel is a travel metasearch engine and as such it helps you to find the best travel option that suits your need by comparing flight and hotel prices. O2GO Travel is not a travel agent and does not provide, own, set or control any of the Travel Services that you can access through Our Website. Travel services are owned, controlled or made available by third parties Vendors either directly (i.e. airline) or as an agent (i.e. online travel agency). The Vendors are responsible for flights and hotels and their terms and privacy policies apply to your booking so you must agree to, and understand those terms. Further, the terms of the actual vendor (airline and hotel) apply to your travel, so you must also agree to and understand those terms. Your interaction with any Vendor accessed through O2GO Travel is at your own risk and O2GO Travel does not take responsibility should anything go wrong with your booking or during your travel.

Changes to Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to amend, update, and make changes to these Terms at our discretion at any time. We will publish the revised Conditions of use should they be amended, and you will be deemed to have accepted the newly updated/revised Terms once they are published. Should you not agree to these Terms then you should not use our Services or Platforms.

O2GO Travel Does Not Guarantee Prices.

We are not sellers, hence we do not set prices. All we do is to gather data based on your search input, allowing us to compare the best option for flights and hotels. Price constantly change and we are not in control of these changes. Moreover, additional charges may also apply and these include but are not limited to local taxes, local fees, payment fees, services charges, and checked-in luggage fees. Also, on occasion, you may find that certain prices may no longer be available due to a high traffic of costumers trying to secure a booking on the same travel option at the very same time. O2GO Travel cannot guarantee the prices displayed on Our Website as it has no control over the Travel Services nor does it verify the content uploaded by the Travel Providers. It is your responsibility to always check whether the price asked for a flight and/or hotel booking is the one you expected. Our currency conversion is merely for information purposes only and should not be deemed as accurate or real-time; actual rates may vary, and your payment provider (i.e., debit card company or credit card company) may charge additional conversion fees and apply a currency rate that belongs to another date.

All the flight and hotel Travel Services are owned, controlled or made available by available by third party Vendors either directly (i.e., airline) or as an agent (i.e., online travel agency). The Travel providers are responsible for the Travel Services/Products such as flights and hotels. Different Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policies may apply depending on which Travel Provider you decide to secure your booking with, so you must agree to and understand those terms. Moreover, the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policies of the actual provider (airline, hotel, etc..) also apply to your travel, so you must agree to and understand those Terms.

O2GO Travel is in no way responsible for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any content or information obtained by the Travel Providers. Furthermore, O2GO Travel does not bear any responsibility nor liability should anything go wrong with your booking or before/during/after your travel.

Booking via O2GO Travel.

O2GO Travel acts solely as a user interface when making a booking. Accordingly the booking that you make through Our Websites for flights and hotels is made with the Travel Provider named on the actual booking page. O2GO Travel has no responsibility whatsoever for your booking or the Travel Products because we do not have any involvement in creating the description of the Travel Product, setting the prices, or applying any additional fees or providing the actual Travel Products that you book. Should any issues or disputes arise with your booking and/or Travel Products, you agree to address and resolve these with the Travel Provider and not with us.

Limitations and exclusions of liability.

You might often see advertising material submitted by third parties on our Services and Platforms. Please keep in mind that each individual advertiser is responsible for the content of its advertising material and O2GO Travel accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of the advertising material including, without limitations, any errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

We(together with our officers, directors, employees, representatives, shareholders, affiliates, and providers), to the extent permitted by law, hereby expressly exclude any responsibility and liability for (a) Any injuries; deaths; loss; claim; act of good; accident; delay; or any direct, special, exemplary, punitive, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind (including, without limitations, lost profits or lost savings), whether based in contract, tort (including negligence), with: (i) any use of Our Website or our content; (ii) any failure or delay (including, without limitation, the use of or inability to use any component of this Website for reservations or booking); or (iii) the performance or nonperformance by us or any Travel Provider, even if we have been advised of the possibility of damages to such parties or any other party. Some states or countries do not allow this limitation or liability, so the limitations above may not apply or apply only partially to you. (b) Any inaccuracies or omissions in the content displayed on or via Our Website or Platforms. (c) Any loss or damages to, or viruses that may infect, your computer equipment or other property as the result of your access to Our Website, your downloading of any content from Our Website. (d) Any other liability that cannot be excluded by law. (e) Your statutory rights.

Subject to these Terms, you will be responsible and liable to us for all actions, claims, proceedings, costs, damages, losses, and expenses(including, without limitation, legal fees) incurred by us, and each of our officers, directors, employees and agents, arising out of or in any way connected with your use of our Services or Platforms or breach of these Terms.

User’s Responsibility.

You take full responsibility for your use of Our Website. O2GO Travel reserves the right to refuse or limit your access to Our Website.

You may only use Our Website to search for legitimate travel deals. You must not use Our Website to make any false, fraudulent or speculative reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand. When using Our Website you must comply with the laws that apply to the United Kingdom and your own country, including laws that apply to exporting technical data. You must not use any of the features of Our Website for any purpose that is unlawful, harmful, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate, as determined by us.

Intellectual Property.

Your use of or access to Our website does not grant you any license or right to use any of the marks included on the Site.

You will not copy or transmit any of the material except if you are doing so for personal and non-commercial use. All copyright and other proprietary rights notices presented on Our Website must appear on all copies you print. Other non-O2GO Travel product, service, or company designations on the Site belong to those respective third parties and may be mentioned in Our Website for identification purposes only. You should contact the appropriate third party for more complete information regarding such designations and their registration status.

If you believe that any of the content on Our Website violates your copyright, please notify us in writing. You can find the contact information at the bottom of this section:

In order for us to take action, you must do the following in your notice:

(i) Provide your physical or electronic signature;

(ii) Identify the copyrighted work that you believe is being infringed;

(iii) Identify the item that you believe is infringing your work and include sufficient information, such as URL or copy of the webpage showing the URL, so that we can find it;

(iv) Provide us with a way to contact you, such as your address, telephone number, or email;

(v) Provide a statement that you believe in good faith that the item you have identified as infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law to be used in connection with the services;

(vi) Provide a statement that the information you provide in your notice is accurate, and that (under penalty or perjury) you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner whose work is being infringed.

Here is our contact information:

O2GO Travel – Copyright Enforcement

[email protected]

Please be aware that we cannot take action unless you give us all the above-mentioned required information.

Personal non-commercial use limitations.

This Site is free for you to use for personal and non-commercial purposes only. You must not make use of any of the features of Our Website for any commercial use/purposes without prior written permission from O2GO Travel. You may copy or print the information as displayed on this Site for personal and private use only and not for any other purposes.


Our Website may link to other websites, but O2GO Travel is not responsible for the content of those websites. You agree not to create a link from any website, including website controlled by you, to Our Website.

Connecting Flights

It is your responsibility to create flight connections by purchasing the required flights individually. It is your responsibility to estimate whether the flight connection times are long enough for you to disembark the aircraft, collect the your luggage (where applicable), check-in again with your airline, go through the security checks (sometimes congestions might cause delay) and get to the allocated gate in time. Arriving flights may be delayed and departing flights may take-off before the scheduled time. International flights may close their gates earlier then local flights. O2GO Travel is not responsible if your connection does not work out as planned.